We’ve been getting a lot of messages about our new 1-1 plan

But here is the thing

Its not for everyone

It will take a certain type of person and player to put in the work and get the rewards

But if they do then the sky is the limit

Anyone who joins and doesnt put the work in will be booted out pretty promptly

We’re not playing games here big fella

We are looking for the next guy to break into the professional game

It can be a lonely time out there without much help

Which is why we will be there every step of the way

And here is a video showing how the app we use works

Click here https://youtu.be/J-PybSEqv-I

If youre not sure whether you should work with us then have a listen to this guy https://youtu.be/G3weI5tT6Wg

But its only half the story

The rest is the hours and hours of extra work he put in every day to reach where he is now

If this is up your street then tomorrow the new plan is released

Remember its only for 10 people

Think differently


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