Super proud of our man in Australia Luke this year


The big fella has done both the Online 1 to 1 program, and also is a valued member of the Inner Circle


And the gains he has made over the last year have been phenomenal


It just goes to prove again that follow the system and get the results


There are no short cuts, no magic pill


Just follow what you are told and bang, you reach the gold


Here is what Luke said




Hey fellas


Here has been my progress


One with really bent front leg is back in July last year, another in April this year off 12 steps, another in July off 10 steps and the one with me bowling in spikes was last week


Trust the process fellas and the results will come


Credit goes straight to Ross Dewar and Steffan Jones


Thank you fellas!






You can see from the photos the changes he has made


And he is in Australia, there really is no excuse


Now is the time to start thinking about how your off season is going to shape up


Are you ready to get where you want to go


In a years time do you want to be featured as a success story


Or maybe you’ll be sat there saying what if…


Don’t be that guy


Grab the bull by the horns and get stuck in


If you need to change your bowling action, get stronger for fast bowling or get over a back injury, we have it all for you


Lets give it a good crack


And the inner circle will have a brand new winter program out on Monday as well


Its all there for you


Join us here


Think differently



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