I did a chat yesterday for a couple of group of college kids


There are doing a diploma in sport, so the lady in charge had asked me if I would come in and do a talk about how I got into it, the courses I had done and advice for them


So I though yea I’ll do that, when I was that age sport was life, so I would’ve loved to have had the opportunity to learn from someone who had been in professional sport for 18 years


The first question I asked the first group was how many of you would like to work in sport


Out of 20 odd kids, 1 hand goes up


Now I know the deal


You’ve got a group of 16-17 year olds, and at that age no one wants to look like the class suck up, its more about looking like nothing matters


So I did a little talk, then took them into the sports hall to show them how I use assessments, and then go from the information gathered there to put into their conditioning programs


Then took them through all the primal patters, from cervical extension, rolling, to half and full kneeling


And to be fair to them they got stuck into it


Gave it all a go


At the end of the session the thing I couldn’t get my head around was that no one asked a question




Id showed them all this stuff that they aren’t gonna learn on a diploma or at UNI, and they had nothing to ask!


And being in sport I thought they’d be dying to rack my brains, talk about the players I’ve worked with, what they could do to help their own bodies


I remember talking to Martin Rooney, an outstanding American S&C, and he said how he would hunt down trainers at seminars that he wanted to learn from, chew their ear off, take them for lunch and do everything to get as much knowledge as possible from them


I know the Inner Circle guys are great with their questions


Always asking if they want to know something, sharing what they are doing


It’s a fantastic community


If that sounds like something youd like then have a click here http://cricketstrength.com/cricket-strength-inner-circle-membership/


Think differently



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