Now that the holiday season is coming to an end the season is suddenly on the horizon

For a lot of people they have 4 months to get ready for their first game

So the questions have started to fly in again

This is a little belter from Harshil

Lets see what he asked


Hello sir

I’ve been wanting to ask a question since a long time but I wasn’t sure if the thing happening was the reason for my poor performance of late.

So the thing is I’ve been working on my fitness strength and everything and I’ve never been fitter but the issue is while bowling after the run up phase and before the releasing phase

The phase where my body has to go ahead smoothly and a good transfer of weight has to take place

I tend to get very stiff especially my non bowling arm which results in me bowling not to my potential

Thank you



This is a great question which I think will probably be an issue for a hell of a lot of players

And that is when you concentrate more on fitness than your game

We have got to remember that the end outcome of any training we do has got to be so that it positively transfers into game

Its absolutely useless to be the strongest bloke bowling half volleys and wides

No one is interested in that

But they still try and segment fitness and bowling as 2 different entities

From afar that could look the case

But let me tell you my friend it absolutely is not

They have to go together

Its like tyres and the engine in a car

Not the same thing but try driving without one of them and you wont be going very far

And this is why on our online 1-1 plan we don’t segment gym and technical work in different blocks

We look into what the player needs and fit it all in

So we can maximise fitness but also blend in the technical needs

And then these sorts of issues don’t arise, as we are working on the whole collective from day 1

If this is something that you need hit the link now

Lets get after it


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