Social media is a fantastic tool


There are so many great trainers out there that you have a wealth of information at your finger tips


Unfortunately the key is to decipher the messages out there


Will they help, hinder or are they just pointless?


One of the things I see a lot of is the type of post which says something like “if it hurts when you overhead press then do this exercise instead


On the surface not a bad message


But mon ami


Here is the thing


If it hurts lifting overhead, then find out why


Just changing the exercise that you do isn’t gonna really get you anywhere fast


Shoulders seem to be one of the things we dismiss pretty quickly


Cricket is a throwing game, of course the shoulders are going to get jacked up at some point


And shoulder and upper body mobility has been one of the 2 areas over the last couple years that there has been a noticeable decline across the season, so when know they come under tremendous pressure


But if we just shift out one shoulder exercise for another is that really helping?


As fitness professionals what we should be doing all the time is making sure players and athletes get themselves evaluated


Im not bothered by who


A movement specialist, physio, sports dr, sports therapist, anyone who has an interest in movement and finding dysfunction


Find the main driver for the pain


Find out why it is happening


Then find out what you need to do to fix the issue, not just disguise it


Remember the power is always in your hands, and there are enough good people out there who want to help


Take it


Its your body, its an amazing piece of kit, look after it, and the places it can take you can be astonishing


Think differently




p.s. we off a full movement assessment and correctives with our online 1 to 1 training, join up here



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