Another question hit us yesterday

From our man Dan who is fantastic with his curiosity

This time he wanted to know about the sort of bodfat % fast bowlers should have ideally

Here is what he asked


Hi Dewsy

Another quick question if you don’t mind?

What body fat percentage are you bowlers typically.

Looking for the outside I would guess there is a fair range.

Of course it varies for person to person … but is there a rough idea you can provide of what a young bowler should be aiming for?




Ok lets get stuck in

Yep it definitely varies from person to person

You couldn’t say a definite figure of what every bowler should be, as like you say, everyone is different

We don’t actually work in percentages we work in mm from take the skin folds at 8 site

Ideally we want the sum of 8 to be no higher than 80, so an average of 10 through the sites, based on the ISAK method

What we really want to see is the number between 40 at the bottom end and 70 at the very top, so anywhere in that mid section would be great

Remember that bowling places immense forces through the body with every ball

Up to 8 times the body weight through the front foot

So for every bit of extra body fat that there is that is increasing the force and placing a higher workload

So being strong and lean, think Dale Steyn or Brett Lee, is a pretty good framework to think of when it comes to what the body looks like

The bigger heavier lads can suffer a bit more, and as we know there are already multiple ways for fast bowlers to get injured, so the ones in our control, like not having excess weight, we should make sure we are on top of

We have nutrition seminars and interviews with a top nutritionist in the Inner circle, along with the many other features like programs, exercises and interviews with the top players in the world

Have a look here for more info

Lets get after it


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