This is something that I started to see more and more of last off season


Cricketers doing their anaerobic and aerobic work on the Watt Bike


Now if you haven’t seen the Watt Bike in action it is a good bit of kit, and can be used to get some great data off it


Among a couple of these is power output and also a breakdown of left v right stoke power


For someone who is coming back from an injury and not allowed any impact I can absolutely see how these can be used a great tool


Particularly the right v left analysis


Its another great way to help monitor if the gap is being closed between right and left asymmetry


But when you see it used as a primary mode of conditioning you have to start asking questions


Is this just a lazy way of doing it


Sticking them on a bike for a 20 min session


The main problem I have with the bike is the position


The way I see so many fast bowlers training is in a constant quad dominant position


Squats, lunges, step ups, and bike


Again nothing wrong with any exercise in particular


But the big issue for fast bowlers comes in the posterior chain


The amount of bowlers with poor glutes is ridiculous


Are we helping to buy into a poor pattern by relying on the bike?


And to keep training them in this position might well be leading to more ‘glute amnesia’


This is a great term I heard coined by Dr Craig Leibenson over in the States


The anterior (front) of the body is getting hammered and the posterior getting neglected


And what goes


The back, or the hammy, or the side


The scurge of fast bowlers


So if you have a fit and healthy player, get them off the bike


Having them up their power output on the Watt Bike is one thing, but is it then transferring over to bowling power? Just like is an extra 5kg on the squat = 2/3mph on your bowling


If you see more videos of teams doing this just make sure you know the reasons why before jumping on one


Make sure its right for you, and not doing more harm than good


Think differently




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