I think I upset someone last week

And I didn’t mean to this time big fella

Here is what happened

They sent me a video that had been doing the round on twitter

It was of a 13 year old female golfer doing an Olympic lift

He said to me that id probably totally disagree with it and think it was wrong

But here is the thing my friend

And when it comes to conditioning this is absolutely key

She was brilliant at the lift

Her technique was faultless, depth and control spot on

No dysfunctions or issues there at all

So when someone lifts like this is there an actual issue?

Hell no

I think they thought id say she should stop that immediately and just work on her movement’s patterns and correctives

If her technique was all over shop, massive knee valgus, back all over the shop etc then yep, it would be time to think that lift isn’t for her at this stage

To stop someone from doing an exercise they can do well, and that will benefit them would be madness

Id expect someone to take my certifications and degree away and go take up knitting

The reason we want to get dysfunctions out the way, and work on things like the fms with their correctives, are so we can get to a place where the player has good movement, great motor control and we can actual start to load them

Loading and lifting isn’t the enemy

Doing it with bad patterns is

If a player came to me at 14/15 and they could lift like the golfer, id be over the moon

The progress we could make would be unbelievable

And it’s a reminder that there are no really bad exercises

They just seem it when paired with the wrong player

Think differently


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