Now this is a pretty common question

And we had it again last week

This is what we were asked


Hi fellas

Loving the emails every day, find them really useful

Had a question though

Im a batter and really want to get fitter, be able to bat for longer and hit the ball further

Do you guys cater for this?

Was keen on the 1-1 plan but it looks just for bowlers




Thanks for the question Deano

Lets get stuck in then

The simple answer is no, its not just for bowlers

Originally when we started that was who we wanted to help most

Simply because Big Steff was one, it was my real passion and also it’s the fast bowlers who take the biggest hit when it comes to injury

But we evolved from that

We are here for everyone

Batters for red ball and power hitting white ball




We cover all aspects of training for you

And we have a brand new 1-1 plan coming out in September

A full 6 month online 1-1 guide to take you through the whole winter and smash your goals whatever they are

Everything is delivered straight to an app on your phone

Videos, exercises, sets, reps

Even wellness reports

And here is the upside

We are looking for 10 players who want to Beta test it

When its releaeed it will be £499 for the 6 months

But for 10 people we are doing it for £99 to get it going

Hit this link now to get your place, they wont hang around for long

Think differently


p.s. here is a video to tell you more

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