Question time again big fella

And an interesting one which we received via email last week

I can’t remember it being asked before either which is pretty rare

This is what we got asked


Sir if a man is flexible but not that much bigger in size and there is another guy who is not very flexible but he is very strong, can they both bowl fast?




For me this is pretty simple

Either of them would have the ability to bowl fast


They have the right mechanics during the action

Having either great strength or great flexibility doesn’t guarantee anything at all

If it did then professional strong men would be able to bowl at 90 mph

And clubs would be signing up gymnasts for fun

But they don’t

Because it comes back to the action, which is dictated to in a big part by how the body works

Which is why there are so many different actions out there

By the time most people start to bowl their body has already hit upon a load of dysfunctions and so when its trying to bowl it does so in the path of least pain and resistence to the body

Which makes the action what it is

We can then go back in and look at the body and help improve on the dysfunctions that are there

Which is the key point in the online 1-1 plan

We hit the dysfunctions first, before we look at the bowling action

How come?

Because you see difference in the action when movement quality is improved

Then you know exactly what you are working with

Trying to do it the other way around is like hitting road blocks for the body

Which is exactly why we made the 1-1 plan like it is

And why it works

If this is for you hit this link now big fella

And we can make the change now

Think differently


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