Had a different sort of question in the other week

And it made me think a little bit

It was from one of our network of coaches over in Dubai

Here is what the big fella asked

Hey Dewsy

Just a quick one

Ive got a session tomorrow with a couple of international bowlers

It is only an hour long so what could I do for them to help them put on some pace in that hour

Anything would be appreciated


Coach D

Interesting one this

To start you are working with elite players so you better be on point with what you are going to do with them

As for getting faster in an hour it massively depends on the bowler

In particular how you analyse them and assess exactly what they need to help put on pace

And also you want any change to be long lasting and not just immediate and then go

I actually knew one of the bowlers that was coming to them and knew his cross sling pattern and posterior chain didn’t function anywhere near 100%

The trouble was he looks a big strong dude, so lots probably wouldn’t look into anything physical

But a couple of quick tests reveal on one leg he shakes like a batsmen against Shannon Gabriel

So just doing some simple things on single leg stability could carry over into a quicker delivery

Or is it technical, are their legs crossing, too long on back foot, sequence out of order or things like that

Not quite as quick a fix but if you can give them physical and technical drill for not only that session but going forward it will help them for a long time

The quick fix there and then can be using mediball drills and the OU weighted ball work from big Steff. Also add some explosive work as a primer and activation and you could see the mph go up

But always look for the long term help for the bowler, but showing them some things they can do immediately before bowling will keep them primed

Think differently


p.s. if you want to see some more of these activities then they are all in the inner circle here http://cricketstrength.com/cricket-strength-inner-circle-membership/

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