I had an absolute beast a couple weeks ago

A proper stinker

Felt like a prize clown for a couple days

Here is what happened

Each Monday in the Inner Circle we do some exclusive content for the guys

We cycle between an exclusive interview, a presentation on a part of the game or body etc, a program and a Live Q&A

So I lined up a guy from Australia to talk all thing movement based

He’s a belting bloke called Lou Ellerey, who had worked in cricket over there

Now he is a practitioner in a something called Functional Patterns, something you can imagine is right up my street

The things they do seem a bit out there but there is some real gold in their work, always looking at movement in 3d instead of the traditional bi lateral saggital plane movements (think deadlift, squats etc)

So we line up a time for him to come on and record an interview, which around our actual jobs and the 12 hour time difference was pretty tricky

Like trying to play the dukes ball on a green one at 11

But we got there eventually, and just before the time I loaded up the software we use for the interviews and waited

And waited

And waited

It was starting to get a bit late over here (im definitely not a night owl), so I messaged to see if everything was ok. But I didn’t get a response

So I left another message saying we’d have to reschedule as I was off to bed

In the morning I found out what had happened

We hadn’t taken into account the clocks going forward in the UK!

So that messed everything up!

Lou had come on the right time but cus I forgot about the GMT I left him high and dry

What a plank

Luckily Lou was all good about it and we got the interview in

And it was a belter

But it just shows the need to be thorough and double check

Like if you have a training plan, and think you know it but could be missing some crucial part if you don’t regularly check

It could be the difference between success and failure

Think differently


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