A strange thing happened on facebook the other day


Someone poked me!


Took me a bit by surprise let me tell you


I didn’t even know that it was a thing you could do anymore!


It got me thinking about how it used to be pretty common place


You liked the look of someone, or them you, and you’d send a poke as like a soft hello


Like dropping the bait in the water to see if you get a nibble


Its amazing the things that used to be pretty commonplace a few years ago that you completely forget about now


And it’s the same with conditioning big fella


If you are someone who is always learning and moving forward (which for me is what you want to be) then there is a bit of a danger attached to that


And that is that some things you used to do in the past, that worked really well, can get forgotten


One of the hardest things about putting together someones program is the exercises that you have to leave out


It can be a proper headache


I looked back at someone old programs today to see what stuff that I’ve not done recently could be brought back and integrated in todays programs


Some split leg cable variations, overhead pulls, different deadlifts are some of the drills that I looked at and will be bringing back


A fast bowling program is like a big puzzle putting them all together


Obviously it helps when you are surrounded by good data (I’ll do an article about ‘bad data’ soon)


With good data you can pretty much match it up with the right drill for the right person


Then the acid test is making sure the player sticks to what you have given them!


If you need help we have just released our latest winter program on the Inner Circle


As well as all the interviews, webinars and exercises


Click here to join the fun https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Its amazing what a poke can do!



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