Change is not easy

I get it

It can be scary

Its always a lot easier to just keep your head down and go with the flow

Don’t stand out, don’t do anything different

Fit in with what everyone else is doing

Don’t rock the boat, don’t make waves

But there is an issue when you do this

You tend to not go anywhere

Your game and body pretty much stay the same

Season on season comes and goes and nothing really changes

Execpt that you get more and more frustrated

Frustrated that you didn’t do what you promised yourself at the end of last season

You didn’t get your bowling looked at

Didn’t fix those injuries in your body which get you down each summer

Did the same old gym program that you’ve been doing since you can remember, but which has never actually helped your game

Then you might look at what we do and think its just for professionals

You haven’t got time for it

You have to work, might have family to look after

How can you fit it in

Well big fella lets put this to bed

What we do is exactly for you

Its not about training all day every day

We make this simple

1- get rid of dysfunction

2- build useable strength (not waste time with normal B/S)

3- add specific power and training that suits your bowling


That’s not too tough is it

And we are here for you, to help you have your best season

Think differently


p.s. whenever you’re ready mate here are 2 ways we can help your game

1: Our Inner Circle has all our programs and a community of players & coaches

to help drive your game, as well as our exclusive interviews with top international

and county players and regular Monday content


2: The Online 1 to 1 program, taking you through the whole process of helping

you gain pace, from initial movement focus, to strengthening and then the specific

bowling power, click here

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