The season is winding down now


The leaves are brown, the sky is grey


Another summer gone


Now you should be having a think about how the season has gone for you


Did you get as many wickets as you wanted?


Did you remain injury free?


Did you bowl faster?


Were the goals you set this time a year ago achieved


If not, how are you gonna sort your winter out to make sure you are not sat here in 12 months times wishing you had got your plans in place and followed through on them


How are you gonna sort out your dysfunctions and imbalances?


Then know when you are ready to hit the type of strength training you need


And then start to add in the special bowling strength work


Well our online 1 to 1 training will tell you everything


First up you’ll get an assessment with Gav from FMS to see where your movement capabilities are, then given youre own program to sort these out


When you are on top of this we will bring in your strength work, again specific to you. This would be dependant on your athletic ability


Then round if off with the bowling specific


Follow it all and there will be no doubt next season would be your best ever


There are only 10 spots available this month, so don’t delay


Hit the link and get a step ahead of your competition


It will be the best thing you’ve done for your body and game


Think differently



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