Had a very short and sweet email question in this week

He got straight to the point that’s for sure

This is what he said


I am a 13 yo and want to speed up my bowling



Ok so here we go

Im gonna talk very little cricket specifics here

At 13 years old for me id just be thinking about working on athleticism

And keep it pretty unstructured

So by that I mean hitting a load of different sports and activities

Get doing things like climbing, rolling, reaching, hanging, rocking, jumping, arching, bending, stretching, sprinting, martial arts, dancing, gymnastics, pushing, pulling, sliding, swinging, bounding

All of these will help to develop athletic qualities

Things like climbing are fantastic for helping the upper body, getting the scapula moving as it should. This then would have carry over to help the shoulder complex during cricket

Jumping is one of the most fundamental activities anyone can do, and doing it a lot when young can keep the tendons acting like pistons like they should

Keeping the ability to jump high and keep stiff through the tendons is crucial and will play a massive part in help bowling, particularly getting off that back foot

Gymnastics is amazing for relative strength and keeping clear of dysfunctions and asymmetry, as is dance, all will help with controlling your body during bowling

So this is where I would start for any young player

Help the body and the action will take shape, and the pace will come as well

Don’t specialise too early and kill athletic ability

Give it time to flourish

For anymore help the Inner Circle is available

With the off season coming up it could be the perfect time

Hit this link for more https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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