We had a belting question in from Terry last week

The big fella was coming back from injury and wanted to know how to structure thing

It can be tricky that last bit of rehab

Lets have a look what he asked


Hi guys

First up thank you so much for all the content, it is amazing to have so much knowledge given for free

I’ve been out of action for a while with a foot injury and am just getting back towards bowling now

My question is how do I structure my training and bowling as I continue rehab and work toward playing again

Is there a best way of just get everything in?

Thanks guys



Love this Terry

Its great that you are thinking this way, a bit deeper into how to organise things better to get the most out of them

So here is how and why I would structure things, in a scenario where everything is within my control (time, gym access etc)

Id split it into 4 sections


Skills (bowling)

Cardio work (aerobic/anaerobic)

Gym conditioning

And id do it in that order

So id start by getting into movement prep and any specific rehab, and use that as an activation tool

Then id be hitting the mediball work and bowling

The reason it would be bowling as the first big thing to do would be as the body is fresher, and when you are working with some fine motor movements like bowling you don’t want to have DOMS from training as it can inhibit the proprioceptive feedback

Then it would be into any CV, whether it be like a more steady state like a 2k run, or run speed endurance or pure speed work

Then last of all it would be the gym based work

Also it would be good to have days in between where you can focus on recovery so that the next time you come back to bowling again then you don’t have the heavy legs feel and can hit it hard

Obviously when you are back to playing there will be times when you are bowling tired, but when we have control and are working back from injury for me this works pretty well

And if you need more help we have multiple rehab plans in our inner circle

Hamstrings, ankles, stress fractures, side strains you name it we pretty much have it

Check it out here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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