Some players are very lucky that they get to go abroad for the winter

South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are the usual destinations for a decent winter of cricket

In the past I’ve not always thought that these are the best thing for players

There was a particular camp over in Australia which regularly used to send bowlers back injured

It used the frustrate the hell out of me

Its hard when one of your players has to do someone elses’ training and you then have to spend the next season putting it right instead of them actually playing

Remember that’s the whole reason for us being here- to make better cricketers who don’t miss many games

We had this message from Ricky about his plans for this winter


Hi Dewsy

I have secured a deal to go over and play grade cricket in Adelaide this winter

The deal includes accommodation and some coaching hours but on the whole im going to be pretty much on my own when it comes to cricket and fitness

I was wondering what you think I should do training wise? I feel my general fitness is pretty good, my CV is up there but feel im lacking a bit of power at the crease

I’ve had a couple of 2nd XI games and really want to hit next season hard




First up I think if done well, going abroad can definitely help

As Steff says its really important that we remember the focus of what we are doing, and that’s bowling

So to be bowling in some form for 11 months a year is going to be a benefit

And the structure of the games over there being just at the weekends, with a couple training sessions in the week can make it the perfect environment to put training and game play together

Here is how I would structure a week there

Sunday- S-RAMP warm up and game (10 overs)

Monday- AM Recovery (soft tissue, pool etc) PM Lower body focus

Tuesday- AM Trunk, PM CV aerobic conditioning & Net session (4-5 overs)

Wednesday- AM Upper Body Focus, PM Recovery

Thursday- AM Upper CNS, PM S-RAMP before nets (4-5 overs)

Friday- AM Mediball and technical fitness focus, PM off

Saturday- S-RAMP warm up and game (10 overs)

No obviously you only bowl either sat or sun, so that gives around 20 overs a week

How each sessions looks is dependent on you, how you move, what fitness type you are

So some maybe more strength based, some more plyometric and isometric

And our brand new Elite Player Development Program will be doing all this for you

6 months complete 1-1 plan taking you through the entire winter, catering directly to your goals

But it wont be for everyone

Only those desperate to get to the next level

Its released Friday so keep your eyes peeled, as there is only 10 spots

Think differently


p.s. there is an epic prize for those who get themselves on the plan, all to be revealed..

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