“The real message is not that you don’t do Maximal strength, or even that Maximal strength doesn’t transfer. The real message is: how much do you need and once you’re there then what are you going to do?” – @eveltrak

Great post adapted from @dacbaseball

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On the absolute strength to absolute speed continuum, bowling is on the far side of the absolute speed end.

We must then question the role absolute strength plays in bowling a cricket ball faster

In the Verkhoshansky clips, we see the same question being discussed then as we do now: How strong is strong enough?

The answer?

We still don’t really know.

My daughter has certainly never squatted 2 X her bodyweight but at 9yrs of age she has arm speed.

How, she has watched a lot of bowlers perform, she has done a large amount of neural rate training, such as jumping, depth jumps (shock), med ball throws and “free creative play”.

Genes are ok aswell 😉

Coaches, what we do know is that if ALL you are doing with fast bowlers is maximal strength work and back squatting and benching, you’re leaving a lot on the table in terms of the tendons and the role they play in high speed movement. I commonly call it the WHITE BOARD SYNDROME.

Focusing on improving numbers for s+c peer gratification and not athlete benefits

Ultimately, we need to be progressing the fast bowler in each respective area: strength, speed, coordination, etc while ensuring our training methods for each of these components aren’t detracting from the athletes actual on field performance.

Is what they are doing making them a better FAST BOWLER!!!

Strength is important but it’s only 1 piece.

It’s easy to get stuck there because it initially provides a source of rapid improvement for the novice athlete.

However as they progress, that improvement drops off quickly and other training methods need to be implemented.


Is what youre doing outside the game helping you improve the game itself?

Does exercise A, improve exercise B which we know based on Pacleab research improve exercise C (fast bowling itself)

Make sure it is, or you could be wasting a lot of time


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