You can tell people are starting to think about the season now that the holiday season is out of the way as the questions are flying in

We had a really interesting one in from Rhys

And its on a topic that causes a bit of controversy


Here is what he asked


Hey Dewsy

I’ve got a question relating to Workloads as a Fast Bowler, more specifically for 18yr olds and above.

How many balls should a fast bowler bowl in a training week, and what intensities should he or she be working at?

Is there ever a time when a bowler would be told go flat out (train at 100%)?




Ok so there are a couple points to this question

Workloads and bowling flat out

Lets hit the workloads first

For me the biggest thing with workloads is that it is kept pretty consistent

The body isnt a fan of big changes in total load, so going from 5 overs one week to 30 the next wouldn’t be a great idea

Whatever number of overs or balls you start with try and up within 10-20% the next week, and keep adding up until you hit the number of overs you are happy to be bowling

So that could be with how many you think you will bowl during a week in the season

But don’t be scared of workloads and bowling

It absolutely has to be a big part of the overall training cycle

Its what you do after all

And as for bowling flat out then yep, def needs to be in your bowling plan

How do you know how fast you can bowl if you don’t try in training?

And you need to know the training you have (hopefully) put in will be enough for your body to handle the strain

Maybe once every 3 weeks have 2 overs of flat out bowling (after full activation)

Don’t be scared to bowl, its crucial

And if you need detailed help then the online 1-1 plans everything out just for you

Hit the link below to find out more

Lets get after it


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