At work the other day we had a couple of the lads little ones in at lunchtime


There is a great family feel to our club and its great to have the kids in


And they were flying about


Then, as toddlers do, one of them took a dive and grazed his knee


So his dad had his daddy bag ready for anything and pulled out a plaster and stuck it on, the tears stopped pretty sharpish


Now the thing with toddlers is that they work on a trail and error feedback loop


When learning to walk they quickly discover what doesn’t quite work because they fall over, don’t like it, and don’t want to do it


Likewise when they fall over, graze their knee, have the pain and subsequent plaster, they will remember how it happened and try not to do it again


And the thing is big fella they learn a hell of a lot quicker than us


Think if the different ways we use things to act like a plaster


The amount of players who pop anti inflams like smarties is crazy


Without a thought to what they are doing to their insides (and let me tell you its not great)


The mad thing is some soft tissue work and correctives could help so much with pain


Knowing what their issues are and working on them has to be the better way surely


Instead they will spend money on going to get a massage, or visiting a chiropractor to get themselves click, maybe even some yoga (still not sure why teams go to hot yoga, theres an article there soon)


Anything for that temporary relief


Then a few weeks later, more money back to the practitioner for more treatment


Get away from the stop gap plasters


Get yourself a solution


We offer them here


It will save a lot of time


Click here


Think differently









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