Belting email in from Stu this week

With the season coming at us full steam ahead he had some questions about how he should be going about the number of overs he should be getting in

This is what he asked


Hey fellas

Big thanks for all the content

It has changed the way I go about training and this winter has been totally different

I feel in great shape but my question is about structing the number of overs leading up to the first game

Ill just be playing Saturdays and Sundays, so a max of 20 overs per week

Any information would be greatly received




Great question

Its something a lot of cricketers (obviously apart from pro’s) don’t really think about

Pre season net time comes around and its bang, flat out into bowling at batters, not really keeping any tabs on the number of balls or overs

So when the season hits you don’t really have a clue about if youre actually ready for it or not

I did a video for the guys on the inner circle (got a fantastic bowling action change to bring you this week by the way) about exactly how to structure

The roots of it are getting to some where near the number of overs you are likely to bowl each week, and not going too far above or below that

We want a good consistent chronic (long term) workload for the body to adapt to the rigours of fast bowling

Which we know are pretty crazy on your body

We don’t want you to waste all the hard work done over the winter by not getting that constant load and then getting injured

And my friend bowling too little is as bad as bowling too much

The thing we don’t want is to get scared of bowling, its what you do, so make everything in training about supporting that

As always the Inner Circle is there to help assist you to get the very best out of your body and game

If your ready to turbo charge your bowling then hit us up here

Think differently


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