Coaches and players ask me everyday how I organise my sessions.

I loosely base all my sessions on the Bondarchuk system.

Some sessions are perfect examples while others are 90% bondarchuk.

Here is an example of the later I did with @craig.brendon today.

Have a look here

Focus was on increasing GRF, working on deadstart strength in the anterior chain and contralateral posterior sling stability.

So this is how it went

Activation section. Glutes, med ball throws and weighted ball bowl


Focus lift. CE/SDE/SPE complex

A1 Heavy @1080motion walks

A2 3kg resisted @1080motion sprint

A3 Max intent bowl

3 sets X 2/2/2


SD/SPE contrast

B Iso-push calf raise and pogo jumps

SPE/GPE contrast

C1. @proinertial squat

C2. Depth jumps

D. Cluster contrast incline bench press and kneeling constraints bowl

Dead start and Fast turnaround incline bench


Contralateral Stability

Iso -dynamic Single leg extension and contralateral row or arm raise.

Hope it helps put my work into context. Have a focus for each session and understand why you are asking the bowler to do something.

For more info go to

Assess don’t guess


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