On the 9th of September the fast bowlers at WCCC took part in their first pace profiling day


The idea was to get as much information as possible on the players in order to try and maximise the technical and physical work that will be laid out for them in the coming winter


We brough together experts from 3 different fields to put the players through their paces


Each bowler completed the following


– Bone density scan on their lower back with a first of its kind machine, the EchoS, performed by renowned back specialist Dr Nick Birch


– Full bowling biomechanical analysis from Steff, using the very latest technology to track things such as run up speed, kinematic sequence, force production, speed which is run through his company Pacelab


– Full movement analysis provided by Gavin Armstrong from Functional Movement Systems UK (FMS)


When put together it will give us some extremely valuable data on the bowlers, their strengths and weaknesses and everything that we need to work on over the winter with them


The profile built up for each bowler will then cover all bases, in the hope of getting in front of the fast bowlers nemesis- Injury


Stress fractures and lower back injuries are all too common in fast bowling as so this latest technology will help guide the player to have the right training program for their body and game


The FMS screen generates a movement program which will help with any dysfunctions that are happening in the body


With the EchoS bone density scan, it informs as to whether the back has enough density to be able to safely train on


There hasn’t been the technology to get a lot of data for actual bowling performance, and so the amount of information that the Pacelab testing gives is invaluable, using realtrack WIMU and XSENS kinematic suit analysis. It’s the first time used in cricket in the UK., and WIMU provides support for Barcelona FC.


Not only does that have technical implications for players, but also helps guide the conditioning program each bowler will undertake, to help them maximise their individual physical characteristics


We were very proud to have put on this day and are looking to re evaluate the players after winter training before next season


Always assess, don’t guess


If this sort of day sounds like something youd like just get in touch


Think differently









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