I heard a belting story this week about one of the greats of the game and how he acted when back playing for his county

Being on pre season tour you get back into the routine of watching the games unfold and numerous stories banded around

Normally you’ve heard them all lots of times before but this was a new one on me, which is always a bonus

It was told by our assistant head coach and bowling guru Big Al Richardson, who is known for liking a chat (as well as the 250 wickets he got in 4 years playing for us)

It was about the ex England ashes winning captain Andrew Strauss

They played at Middlesex together during Big Al’s time there and became great mates

He said that during a county championship game that Strauss came back to play in, he couldn’t belive the buzzing around in the field he was doing

He was running up to the next bowler after each over and grabbing their jumper and hat and taking it to the umpire allowing the bowler to save some steps in their legs

Also creating a lot of noise in the field and keeping the team going through the day, giving it loads of energy

At the end of the days play Alan asked him how come he was doing all that in the field

He was literally in between playing tests for England, being a successful captain and getting loads of runs. You almost expect a lot of players just to go through the motions

But Strauss said to Richo he wanted to feel he’d contributed to the team effort

If he played and got no runs, he knew that in some way he had helped out his mates during the game

What a fantastic attitude to have

A proper team man

When it would be so easy to stand at slip, have a whinge and just walk between overs giving nothing to anyone, but sapping the life out of them

And anyone can do this, its just a state of mind and attitude to have

So have a little think during your next game or net session, how are you helping out your team

It could be a game changer

Think differently


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