Its that time of the year again

When the pain from pre season nets starts to take hold

It can be a pretty excruciating period

We had this question in the Richie who has been having some issues

Take a look


Hi Ross,

Thanks for all the info that you put up it’s very useful.

I’ve started to notice this pre season that after every session I am finding sleeping very difficult as I am waking up on a regular basis during the night due to stiffness.

Not sure if this is a common problem or linked to getting older!

Any info would be appreciated.




First up, no worries about the info, its what we love doing, but thanks for the thanks

Now on to the issues at hand

There would be a number of avenues id look down to see if you can find a cure

The first would be looking at your bedtime routine, seeing if there could be a couple of things you could maybe add in to see if they help

Like making the bedroom completely black, a warm bath in Epsom salts, some ZMA supplements. Have a look at this video for more

Maybe its your pre bowl prep that might not be helping your body get in the optimum place to be able to bowl without any issues after that

In the Inner Circle we made a full video on how to prep, called the S-RAMP

Which stand for Soft-tissue, Raise, Activate, Mobilise and Potentiate

You can make it as long or short as you need but if you aren’t doing it then you might suffer afterwards

To access join us in the Inner Circle here

If you are jacking your CNS up too much then some soft tissue work pre bed might be helpful, something called gut smashing with a soft ball helps take the body into a parasympathetic state and could help sleep better for longer without the waking up with stiffness

Give them a go and let us know how you get on

Think differently


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