Ever so often we get an email that really brings everything we try to do here home

Makes us remember the reasons we started Cricket Strength

To help you be the best player you can be

Or just help you get back on the park

Now we had an email around a year ago from a lad who had just started Uni

He had been on the pathway of a major county from a young age but had hit a way with his body

Here is a part of the first email he sent us, talking about the rehab exercises he had been given for his latest Stress Fracture, which he’d been struggling with since 2016!

Hi Ross

In answer to your question, the most recent physio I’ve had has been up at uni, starting in October of last year.

I was given some exercises to do for about 5/6 weeks and then was given some exercises in the gym. The gym exercises were trap bar deadlifts, stationary overhead barbell lunges and core rotations with the wire machines.

I did the gym exercises for about 5 weeks over the holidays and have just started bowling at about 50/60% again.

Very gently trundled up today off about 5 steps and after about 12 balls I felt a twinge in my back so stopped immediately. I’ve felt it (not painfully though) all of today so the rehab I’ve done has been a bit useless apparently.



Now the thing that first hit me was some of the exercises he’d been given for a stress fracture rehab

Remember there are no real bad exercises, just badly prescribed ones

Any my friend that’s what we have here

We have to remember what we are dealing with when we have a fast bowler with a stress fracture

The back has been under massive pressure

One thing we really want to avoid when rehabbing is taking the lower back into extension

So overhead barbell lunges make me want to call the back surgeon straight away and say get ready to have this lad back

It really is lunacy giving these things out

Whatever level of physio or trainer you should understand the basic mechanism of the sport and what we need to avoid, and what we need to focus on

If Ben had kept on this road then the results would’ve been pretty catastrophic

But we took him on our online 1-1 plan

We could tell he was desperate to not just get back playing but to get out of pain

So we took him through our whole process

Assess movement, correct dysfunction

Then build strength and specific power directly related to his bowling and movement patterns

Obviously as he was in rehab we had to take our time more

But then last week we had the email below

Hi Ross,

Just emailing to let you know that I’ve done all the gym stuff you sent over and the back feels (touch wood) great.

I’ve been on tour to SA recently and had the first few rounds of games for uni and bowled quite a bit and the back has felt really good, had no pain with it at all despite a decent work-load.

Just want to say thank you really for all the help you and Gavin have given me over the past year and a half. It has 100% been the difference I think between me bowling this year and potentially not bowling again so again thank you so much for all the help.

Again, thank you so much and good luck for the season ahead!

Best wishes,


We couldn’t be more proud of how he has done, and will be there to help him from now on as well

If you are in a similar situation we can help

Its what we do, what we specialise in

Hit this link to get your journey started https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/bespoke-online/

Don’t ever think it’s a hopeless case

Think differently


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