Have a purpose to each session and cycle the focus.

To avoid neural confusion the combination of focus has to be periodised.

Technical grooving and skill stability can be performed throughout based on individual needs

🏁Phase 1. MAG AND DURATION focus

💥Session 1. Overload/underload bowling.

 Constraint approach. Arm speed overload/underload or full assisted/resisted bowling @lila_movementechnology @exergenie

@1080motion @run_rocket

4% drop off.

Stop session when ball velo decreases by 4%.

Repeat based on autoregulatory training.

May take 3-5 days to repeat session

💥Session 2. Oxidative bowling. Tempo bowling/2 min drill

6% drop off. Repeat drill until 6% drop off achieved


💥Session 1: Max intent run and gun

1.5-3% drop off. Stop session when ball velo decreases by 1.5-3%.

Depends on the phase. Less drop off if performing a synaptic facilitation phase where it’s about frequency and micro-dosing.

Repeat based on autoregulatory training.

💥Session 2. Tactical awareness. Implicit learning/ the art of bowling. Vflex bowling. Competition against batters or target work

Repeat rotation.

Bowling doesn’t have to be monotonous.

Treat it as you would any other training method.

Periodise it!

Come work with me at the Hip Knee Seminar on the 17th Nov, the only one we are running in the UK

Here is the link https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/build-fast-bowler-hip-knee/

Assess don’t guess


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