This is one of the great phrases I’ve heard a lot from some of the very top trainers out there


“Go for the low hanging fruit first”


And when you get your head around it its gold dust


One of the most important things we need to do as coaches is make sure we get whatever we are doing with players in the right order


Whether that be conditioning or technical work


If we get it in the wrong order we will be running our players into problems


Lets just take looking at getting a new player and conditioning them to be ready to play


You need to know what it is they really need to be doing first up before diving into just doing what you like to do with them


All too often coaches get married to a particular form of training and they try to shoe horn everyone into it


And it might be a great form of training but not what was needed at that time


There is a lot of talk about VBT (velocity based training) at the moment, and coaches implementing it with players


And there is some value to it


But doing it at the wrong time, when it is not what the player actually needs could be very detrimental


If someone has a clear movement issue, then that always has to be sorted first with me


Its absolutely crucial


Once you get movement sorted you’d be amazed how much then slots into place


When the body moves well it has knock on effects into everything, including their action


We have seen here some lads take movement issues off the table and their bowling actions being a lot cleaner


Then you can build from there


Strength, specific strength & power, technique


Get the order right and great things can happen


Be inpatient and jump into the latest thing you’ve seen on Instagram and you could pay the price


This winter if you need your body sorting then the Inner Circle has your back


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Think differently




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