A pretty common injury is the groin strain

And it is very much avoidable

We had this question in last week

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Hi Dewsy,

Ive recently done a strain to my hip muscle (adductor longus to be exact) from bowling.

What are some rehab exercise I can do to get back on track?




Ok lets get stuck in

And as usual there are a few different answers here

Now when someone goes in the groin there should be a little red light button going off somewhere, that there is a big issue somewhere

So just doing some rehab exercises isn’t gonna be the long term answer

This is where having a bank of normative data is invaluable in 2 aspects

The first is using the data to plan what training you need to be doing in order to help the body get better and more functional

And the second is to have a back to playing bench mark, so you know when you are near to be ready again

If you don’t have them then you are shooting in the wind a bit, and a lot of guess work

And someone will just give you exercises around the groin area

When in reality it could be down to poor anterior trunk control, or pelvic tilt, tight hips or lack of general motor control

But we never want to be guessing

An easy test to do at hope is the lateral jump, when you start on one foot and jump as far as you can to the side, landing on the opposite foot. You not only have the starting point but also can look for left/right difference

In the Inner circle we give you the tools to be able to test yourself so you have an understanding and starting point from where to go

And then have to keep progressing with the number of programs we have in there, from initial starting points, to strength plans to specific bowling plans

Don’t get drawn into the hitting and hope of a lot of plans

Hit the link here for more https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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