The ability to get stiff is key to the fast bowler

(mind out of the gutter big fella!)

The role of the back foot when bowling is massive

On landing that achillies needs to stiffen up and allow you to transfer power, not lose it

Steff has talked about it so much in the last couple of years

Lets have a look at what he says


Muscles haven’t time to produce forces at high speed.

Ground contact time in fast bowling is between 0.10sec and 0.20sec.

Stretch shortening cycle (SSC) occurs around the 0.25-0.40sec mark.

Reflexive elasticity is a property of the quality and composition of the fascia and tendons structures within the body.

Fascia is composed of both collagen and elastin.

Fast bowlers who have a higher proportion of elastin, the portion of the fascia that can stretch and spring back easily, are generally better able to make use of elastic energy than their counterparts who might be too high in collagen proportion.

This property of human movement can help to explain those fast bowlers who are skinny and seemingly weak in the weight room, yet are capable of extremely powerful and elastic movement in dynamic sport with their bodyweight.

Research has shown that the structure and the static-spring ability of the body is the primary factor allowing maximal speed, more so than the muscles themselves.

In computer modelling by Miller, when muscle force-velocity aspects are taken out of the running equation, maximal speed increases by 15%.

We need to get stiff fast

When the muscular aspect is taken entirely out of sprinting, running speeds increase 22%.

When the muscle-tendon relationship is removed from sprinting, speeds decrease by 26%!

Fast Bowling is elastic, & muscles that are overactive and can’t relax properly, get in the way of high velocity skill work.

Training fast bowling is, therefore, largely about helping them learn to rapidly shut muscles off and get more out of elastic properties.

Oscillatory and AFSM are 2 methods I use to teach the muscles to relax and get more out the elastic properties.


So there you go

You don’t have long on the floor on your back foot, so you have to get it right

Do it and see the results in your bowling

Think differently


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