Getting to your max set on you big lifts is something which can be tricky


In my experience people find it a hard balancing act between lifting enough or not during each ramp set that you are ready to increase in the next one.


You might see your lift written down like this 

2×8, 2×5, 1 x3


So this would mean you are working your way up to be doing your max lift on the last 1 x 3 set


You have got to put your ego away when doing this. Putting too much weight on the bar too early will leave you well short off where you need to be for your final set. Getting fatigued because of your early sets and not being able to perform your max in the last set is negating the reason you are doing the lift. 


Think of every set as working toward the last big one. You are not gonna win any prizes for lifting the most on the first one. Its exactly the same as getting ready to bowl. You need to get the prep in before to make sure that ball number 1 is not a loosener


To aid getting to your max lift, in conjunction with building the weight up, the use of soft tissue work can be massively beneficial. Foam rollers, tennis balls and mobility can all help massively with your movement and muscle integrity before lift. Going in cold straight to the bar is the quick way to get on the physio table! 


Again make sure you have the right program with the right rep and set range to help. Is it max lifts, isometric lifts or eccentric based. Take responsibility for finding the right program for you


Think differently




p.s. if you want to see our range of program click HERE 

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