Had this message from one of our Inner Circle guys last week

And it really brought it home why we do what we do

It showed me that we are making a difference and helping

Here is what we got sent


Morning Steff and Ross

Just wanted to say thank you for the hip dominant plan you sent for my Alex a month or so ago.

I feel it is really starting to pay off and his pace is increasing without any loss of accuracy.

On Saturday he played a club second team game 5 overs 5 Maidens and one Wicket

And on Monday in an under 12 County game 8 overs 3 wickets for 10 runs all in singles mostly behind Square

Your training has given him a lot of confidence to just go out there and give it both barrels when he’s bowling can’t thank you guys enough


A couple of things really stick out here for me

The first one is the increase in pace without a loss in accuracy

And that is what we are all after surely

When we do our seminars its one of the big things that Steff talks about, that there is no need for the loss of accuracy

If you can bowl good areas, with better pace, then happy days

I remember when I was playing at school and the only feedback we would get is slow it down and be accurate

But with no help as to how to do that. Very frustrating

So the fact we have the platform where we can do this remotely and for a very small cost is amazing for us

The other thing is the talk about his confidence

That is so big for youngsters nowadays

Feeling good in their game, body and action

There are so many stories and them breaking down so if we can spread the word to as many as possible, and save players from injuries, get them moving well and playing better then its win win

If you want our help then you could be part of the Inner Circle easily

Just click here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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