There are 5 questions we usually get during a week

So thought to make things easy we’d answer them here

1- What is involved in the 1-1 online plan?

Basically we do it in 3 stage

The first is the movement screen and interventions.

We start with this as its the most vital, and we have seen big correlation between sorting out the movement patterns and having positive carry over to bowling action.

We cant go and try to change technique when there might be movement issue which is blocking it

Then its into strengthening more, which is the bridge between moving well and getting into bowling specific

After this phase then you film yourself bowling to see where you are, then we put the specific bowling plan in place which really cements the changes

2- How can I tell if I’m Hip or Knee Dominant

Steff has been the first one to talk about bowling actions in terms of back foot contact

Knowing if you’re hip or knee dom should help you plan for the exact way to go about your conditioning

We did a full video about it in the Inner Circle

3- Please give me some exercises to bowl quicker

See question 1

We can give you some sort term success drills involving potentiation and activation but for sustained changed and increase pace you need to go through the whole process

4- How long do you have to sign up for the Inner Circle?

There is no time limit or lengthy contract at all

You can literally sign up for a month, download what you want and then leave

But youd be missing out on the new content we bring every week, with our Monday trainings.

Whether it be a new program, live Q&A, exclusive interview or webinar on rehab etc we are relentless with the new and cutting edge content we bring you

Plus the access to us whenever you need too

5- Ive got Back/Shoulder pain, can you help?

This is what we do big fella

Help people who feel that there maybe be no where to turn. They have tried the traditional routes but are still struggling

Whether it be shoulder, back, hip or hammy, we have dealt with them all and can give you what actually works

So there it is, hopefully you would’ve found some useful info there

Think differently


p.s. here are the links to both the 1-1 program and inner circle if you are ready to start making changes

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