The beauty of our new online 1-1 plan is exactly how close we are working with the guys

It is literally as close to personal training as you can get

Using the app is like having us right there next to you

And one of the best things is we can check in daily to see not only how the sessions are going but see if the players well being scores are good or not

If they are down we can intervene straight away and change up the sessions

Here is some early feedback we had from one of the guys

We dropped him a message when we saw his well being scores dip for a couple of days


Hey mate

Overall feeling energised and can feel the improvement in the core. Just finished my FMS and primals just now, was definitely feeling it after the run but absolutely fine now.

Slowly been upping the weights during the FMS and dysfunction protocols, and can do curl ups without assistance now etc.

Single leg lowering is still a b**ch but there has been improvement there too.

As for readiness stuff – I think that 2 was about two weeks ago when I was travelling – didn’t get any sleep at the airport as had to get the last train to the airport for the first flight in the morning , so missing a night of sleep was tough going into a workout but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a day.

Will keep in mind if that sort of thing happens again to make sure I’m not lifting that day!

As for stress stuff that’s more to do with what’s going on at work than anything else, but definitely feeling good overall after these first weeks.

Cheers for adding in strength phase mate. Have had a v. quick scan of the program and got a few as not done 90% these exercises before but I’m really excited to get stuck in, they look awesome.

Have never practiced pre turn stuff for example haha but that’s why I’m dedicated to this and loving this program!


The big fella is 6 weeks in and already we are adding some technical work in

Its not a case of waiting till after xmas

We are getting ahead of the curve, putting technical work with dysfunction to make a real difference

And nothing is escaping us, the feedback is instant

If you want the same then there is still 1 place left in the plan

Click here for more

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