Don’t you just love it when someone comes out with a solution to a problem that’s been bugging you for a long time


Not the major big problems but one of those niggle ones


For me its been about supplements, and getting the powder into a normal bottle


The lads all get water bottles from whichever is the latest team supplement supplier but sure as eggs are eggs at least 2 or 3 of them forget to bring them to games


So youre left with trying to get their energy powder, or protein after a gym session, into the small nozzle of the water bottle


Now there have been all sorts of things tried for this


The most common one is tearing off a piece of paper and trying to make a little funnel to go from the scoop into the bottle


And big fella you know what happens


More of the powder ends up on the floor, on your hands or table rather than actually in the bottle


It’s a pain in ass


So when there is a solution, and a simple one, I love it


Grenade solved this particular really well


They put a little funnel in each tub, as well as the normal scoop


Man, so simple but so effective, and life is suddenly made a lot easier


It’s the same with the body


Simplicity works


And the body loves it


Give it the mobility and stability it needs in the right places and amazing things start to happen


Performance goes up, injury risk goes down


People still want a magic pill or be fast tracked to the latest fad


Follow the simple path, remove the roadblocks, get plenty of recovery then whens its time train with purpose and intensity


If you need help you know the Inner Circle has got you back, and can plan your winter so you hit next season hard


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