Every fast bowler is different.

No bowler will ever have the same action as another.

Despite many trying to copy different bowlers who have been successful in their own right, it will never be the same.

Remember there is a reason why a bowler has those kinematics.

It works for them!

Every bowler possesses genotypic qualities, individual anthropometry, which combines with phenotypic factors, determine their technical bowling model.

These factors also determine their tolerance to high intensive CNS loading and training methods.

Remember, fast bowling is highly CNS loaded.

This is why GPS units have their own algorithm for fast bowling called a PLAYER LOAD.

It’s the combination of all factors.

Rotational speed, volume, running speed & other qualities.

Ok, this is essential.

Generally, more muscle bound (mesomorph/endomorph), muscle driven, knee dominant bowler posses a higher capacity for CNS intensive training & competition.

They can tolerate more workload at their top bowling velocity % before dropping off, they can tolerate more weight training, kg ball bowling, force jumping, overload sprinting in their training programme & also bowl for longer spells during competition.

Their morphological support structure & typical higher output capacities are more suited for the stressors associated with these methods.

It’s all about max intent & acceleration work.

It’s more about FORCE PRODUCTION than rhythm coordination.

This is why they bowl like they do!!! SELF ORGANISATION.

However leaner, more tendon driven & hip dominant bowler respond less favourably to these high intensive training.

They respond better to lesser CNS intensive methods but more physiological stressful training. Hip dominant bowlers need more running, stiffness jump work & what Charlie Francis would term the LONG-SHORT APPROACH.

Whereas the “bulkier” muscle driven guys will work best with a SHORT- LONG APPROACH, which is more neuromuscular focused & stressful.

Ultimately it’s about working specifically for each bowler.

Most logical solution is to stimulate the bowler in a way that is consistent with how they are most receptive to relevant + specific training adaptation” J Smith

Assess don’t guess


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