Let me answer it simply first before delving deeper into it.


Genuine pace [90mph+] is in your DNA and gives you the PACE FLOOR.


Some bowlers start at a higher level than others and clearly will have the ability to go higher.


So, the higher the floor is, the faster you can bowl.


So, in fact you are born to bowl fast. However, everyone can bowl faster with the right coach intervention and growth mind-set that provides the PACE CEILING. E


very bowler can push that ceiling higher! Genuine speedsters are born but a medium fast bowler can become fast medium with smart work off the field.


In simple terms for anyone over 18yrs, it’s harder.


You can gain a small % of speed with technical work or physical work but your PACE FLOOR is set and the process of myelination is well set.


Changing technique is now more difficult but be mindful there is a reason you have that technique.


This is why bowling is a LONG TERM PLAN. Technique early away from competition then add power + strength


Early talent Identification is important.


‘Identifying someone who can bowl 90+mph is a complicating process.


Fast bowling is a highly specialised skill that without careful identification, planning and developing the game of cricket will lose bowlers who have the potential to bowl over 90mph!


That will be a very sad day for our sport’


The difference between flaws and idiosyncrasies is a crucial understanding in the coaching of fast bowlers, and to be honest any athlete.


The understanding on what is unique to them and what actually has a negative effect on performance determines the intervention methods of coaching.


Telling a bowler to change without knowing them or seeing them bowl is poor practice. There are a lot of variables.


How they learn, their personality profile, their neuro-type, the size of their achilles, their physiological profile, bowling drop offs (light or heavy ball discrepancy), their basic strength levels, how effective are they at using their stretch shortening cycle [SSC] and mobility or stability issues around the joints and so many more factors.


It’s a careful process


Assess don’t guess



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