Failure is pretty much an occupational hazard in sport


Players, coaches, medical staff, everyone will fail sometimes. And if you are honest about it, it can actually be a good thing


There has been a lot of times i know that i have screwed up, either in programming, individual sessions, warm up etc. I remember deciding to do hill sprints once with the somerset second team lads and one of the boys twisted their ankle in a rabbit hole i hadnt seen. It turns out he was due to make his first clas debut the next week and had to miss it (sorry wes!). I got the cold shoulder from the coach for a good couple days!


Ive also missed out key exercises on a winter program, something which helped me re-vamp the way I go about putting programmes together, starting with the most crucial exercises for the individual and then working backwards


I know big Steff is the same. We both do so much research that it can sometimes over take you and you struggle to get everything that you want to done, and have to sacrifice certain things


The way I work now is simple. If ive done it before a) did it work or b) did it not. If it didnt help then its binned. 


But i don’t get downhearted anymore by the process. Failure always should lead to a breakthrough, take you off into a different direction, sharpen your focus. 


You have now 3/4 months before your first game. Have you trained before to try and improve. Did it work, i.e. did you actually improve, not just look better. If not what are you doing to be better this time?


Doing the same thing again and expecting a different outcome? A wise man once said thats insanity!


This year learn from your mistakes, put it right. Make this season your best one yet


Think differently




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