One of the big messages we try to get across is to get your body right before worrying about your action

For me its where a lot go wrong when wanting to change something, and can lead to a hell of a lot of stress and frustrations

From both players and coaches

One of the big indicators of a dysfunctional body is posture

And its easy to spot

Especially in this age where mobile phones rule and upper backs are routinely getting rounded

In 50 years time we might look like a load of vultures!

So its crucial we get into it and try to balance you body out a lot more

And guess what happens?

Clean up posture and you can access more movement

Get more movement and your action can be adapted to be safer and more conducive to bowling faster

Win win

Attached are pictures of one of our inner circle members

You can see how much his posture improved

Just look at the hips and lower back

From a massive anterior tilt we have pretty much got him back to neutral

Then we added strength work, and eventually the special strength work bowling specific and bam, look what happens

Now we get this isn’t straight forward

Most players haven’t got a clue where to turn or ask about their body or action

They get told standard rubbish like ’don’t get too strong’ or ‘just bowl that’s all you need’ and in the end get caught between everything

That’s why we made the Inner Circle

To be your one stop shop to help with your body and game

Take out the confusion and just leave you with direction and knowledge to really help

If you feel like you want some of this improvement then hit the link now

Its never too late

Think differently


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