There was a warning online today amid all the rain water falling in the UK at the moment

Well it is cricket season after all

It was about the dangers of driving your car through flood water

And my friend I had first hand experience of this a few years ago

There are a couple ways to get to my place, a quick way and a longer way

It was fairly late so the quick way was far more appealing

The trouble was it was winter and the weather was even worse than it is at the moment, and the roads were rubbish

About 2 mins away and there was the flood water

So I paused for a bit and weighed up what would be the best to do

Unfortunately the best went out the window and I went for the quickest

After all how deep could the flood water be?

So I went for it

Bad idea

It was deep my friend, very deep

Im sure the car started to float at one point

The engine started spluttering and making all sorts of weird noises

At that stage I was fearing the worse

Luckily I made it through to the other side and literally limped home

I payed for it the next day tho

Not sure what the technical term is but the car was shot to bits, and cost me a fortune to fix

The moral of the story?

Don’t go in blind

Or rush

If you’ve got a goal to get to take everything into consideration and formulate the best plan

Rushing in head first with your training with no plan isn’t gonna get you very far

And can cost you in the long run

Think differently


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