Everyone knows how you eat a 3 course meal

Im pretty certain of that

Starter first (the clues in the name)

Then the main course, your meat and potatoes

Lastly the dessert

Most peoples favourite just to top the whole meal off

Now im 39, and I cant remember ever going to a restaurant, or round to a friends house and finding someone tuck into some ice cream first up, and soup to finish

But in training it seems people want to get to the dessert first

There is no patience anymore

If something hasn’t worked in a week or 2 they want to look for any excuse and the next shiny pill to take to magically make everything better

Maybe it’s the internets fault

You see all these fancy drills and you think ive just got to be doing that

But here is the key point big fella

If you haven’t had your starter and main course first that dessert could be pretty bitter

The starter and main course are your foundations

Think of the starter as the same as movement

If you don’t start with movement then you could be in serious trouble

Jumping to a fancy drill whist you are still struggling with lots of dysfunctions is a recipe for disaster

Even the main course, which equates to strength work, needs to be done on a foundation of good movement, mobility and stability

For me there is no way around this

Its so important to get right

Once we take movement issues off the table, then add strength, we are in such a good position to not only steer clear of injuries but also reach somewhere near potential

Get screened, plan out your path, then have patience and stick to it

And we can help in the Inner Circle

Have a look here http://cricketstrength.com/cricket-strength-inner-circle-membership/

Think differently


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