Had an interesting chat last week

It was with a guy who was telling me all about his bad back

He was in Boots and had asked one of the sales assistants where they kept the heat packs for back pain

Now I couldn’t help myself here

Think it’s the trying to help everyone complex!

I asked the guy about his back and how long he’d been struggling with it

Turns out the big fella had been putting up with it for about 10 years

10 years!!

I was pretty astonished

So I said what do you do for it to try and get it better

He said pretty much just the heat pads

I asked if they work

They do for a bit then it comes back” was his response

This blew my mind a little bit

I just couldn’t figure out how you just accept being in pain

And back injuries can be pretty debilitating

I said to him if he got the flu really bad, would he go to the Dr and just ask for something to keep it at bay for a bit rather than cure it

Of course not” he replied (pretty sure he was getting a bit shirty with me at this point)

So why are you happy just to put up with the back pain all the time then

And he couldn’t give me an answer

Im sure people just think it hurts, its always gonna hurt, and accept it

But my friend, this is crazy, there is so much we can do to help it

And most things take minimal equipment and can be done from home

Our Primal 5 exercises we use with our Inner Circle guys are a case in point

5 simple things that start the body moving better in 5 mins, done every morning

Don’t just put up with pain

Fight back

And the Inner Circle is here to help

Just click here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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