After seeing some of the awesome transformations of the guys who have done our 1-1 online program we had this question in


G’day Dewsy

Mate its our off season here and after a bad year with the ball I know I need to change things up

Ive been looking at your online plan and just had a few questions

The first is does it matter that im in Australia?

And the other is how long will it last?

Thanks mate



Great questions

The easy answer is yep, you can absolutely do it from Australia

The beauty of what we do is that it is all delivered online

From the start where we do your initial movement assessment, to the strength portion, then into the bowling specifics it is all done and sent to your laptop

And we make it as easy to follow as possible

A program lay out that is easy to follow, has video links to all exercises and access to us for any questions

And you can do it easily from your gym

The length we say is 12 weeks or 3 months

But my friend if life gets in the way and you miss a couple months then don’t panic, we wont disgard you, you can still come back to us

We want you to make the most of the program and have the best transformation possible

Whether it be your body or your action you want help with, we are here for you

So if you need this sort of help then get yourself onboard soon

Follow this link for all the detail

Think differently


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