Warm ups are the bane of a lot of players lives

I can count of 1 hand the amount of lads who have actually enjoyed them

But to get prepped to play, and reduce the chances of injury they are pretty vital

We put the way to prep into a video for our Inner Circle guys, and broke it down into a system we call S-RAMP

Here is a breakdown of all

S- Soft Tissue

We do this as the first thing so it doesn’t interfere with any action. Literally using in on problems area on your body to help movement

Use therapy balls, massage sticks or vibrating foam rollers. Only needs to be 5-10 min

R- Raise

Raising the body’s core temperature.

This can be a light jog through, or a lap, but its just about getting the body moving and the blood flowing around the body

A- Activate

Activation, for batting, bowling and fielding, is pretty crucial

So these can be things like x band walks, serratus band raise or wide stance thoracic rotations

M- Mobolise

Obviously mobility is again important

We can make it work better once we are activated, as it allows movement a lot easier through reciprocal inhibition. For example try out your hip internal rotation range, then do a sec sec side plank as re test. Youll see an increase in range

P- Potentiate

Now we want to excite the CNS and our high thresehold motor units to get them ready for the work they will be doing

So jumps, mediballs, weighted balls or things like band release swings work really well here

These are also the things we tend to use in between sessions just before going back out

Hopefully this can help you structure your pre game prep

Find something that works for you and stick with it

You can then tailor it to how you need, sort or longer

If you need more help then the video is in the Inner Circle as well as all our other programs, webinars, Live Q&A’s and video

Hit the link here for more https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

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