I saw something on twitter the other day


It was someone saying that there needed to be a lot more strength and conditioning coaches in schools to help kids


And a few years ago big fella I would have agreed with this


We have spoke a lot about how 13,14,15 year olds are coming into academies and their ability to move is horrendous


Its absolutely mind blowing when you see these kids who should be able to still do pretty much anything physical be stumped by the simplest movements


Some of the worst scores on the movement testing are from the youngest kids


So on the face of it more S&C’s you think would help


But here is the flip side


My profession is not in a great place when it comes to working in sport


It seems to be filled with robots who come out with the 5 commandments which are etched on their brains that everyone has to do










High level sprint


And of course these are all important things to be able to do


But they need to be done well


It worrys me seeing these new keen strength and conditioning coaches floating around with their laptops and gym aware kit


They are desperate to get kids lifting ASAP and try to justify their jobs with gym numbers


The programs I see them give kids look remarkable similar to those giving to professional rugby players


And there is a world if difference between the 2


I wince when seeing a young kid doing deadlifts with their back arched like a cat


A barbell squat with knees buckling in and pelvis all over the place


For me instead of getting more S&C coaches, use the time to help kids move better


Increase what they do in PE, more rolling, landings, jumping, stopping


The things we used to take for granted


Just lifting these kids will make the issues worse, and the only people benefitting will be Surgeons and physios


Lets be smarter


Or at least hold these people to some level of accountability


Think differently



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