Last week both Steff and myself spoke about the importance of looking after your feet

Steff comes at it from a performance and bowling standpoint, and I come at it from a physical and injury side

But like so much we always end up at a pretty similar point

Take bowling for example

We talk a lot about how to keep the body ticking over and working well that hip internal rotation is crucial

And then for the knee dom bowlers getting the hip pre turn is massive for extra pace and also helping reduce injury

And what does it require?

Yep, hip internal rotation

Anyway after Steff put out a post about looking after your big toe I followed it up with a great little exercise to help keep the feet in decent nick

Now between us we put out a hell of a lot of content to try and help anybody who needs it

And we don’t hear back from most who use it

But we had this great reply on twitter to it


I’ve had left heel pain since half way through last season, thought it was plantar fasciitis

– 5 days of doing this and it’s gone, brilliant stuff lads


Absolutely love that feedback

Its great to hear that something we put out has had that sort of impact

The things with a lot of injuries and pain is that they can be very simple to sort out

Once you know what the body actually needs, and how it reacts if it isn’t getting that, then its just like putting a puzzle together

You just follow the clues

And looking after feet is one of the first jobs to do

Our guys in the Inner Circle has access to literally everything we do

Programs for pretty much anything they need and always access to us

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Think differently


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