I had my parents up visiting last week, which is always good

One of the things I’ve always done with my Dad is watch sport

Whatever sport, whatever game we give it a watch and have since I was a sprog

One of the nights we couldn’t find anything to watch so we put on a classic film


Now this isn’t my favourite of the Rocky Series (cant beat 4 for me) but its still a great watch

Ive wrote articles before about how he trained in the snow in Rocky 4 and how even though it looks like he had nowhere near the same quality as Drago did in his state of the art Russian gym, for working the body how it needed to it was better

And something caught my eye in the original Rocky

His trainer, Mickey, had been convinced to start training him properly again

He wanted to get some quickness in his legs

And the way he did it was very interesting

He put him in a chickens coup and had him try to catch the chicken

Not something youd see in many gyms ill grant you

But for reactive agility its pretty spot on

The trouble with a lot of traditional agility drills is that you get told what will be happening in the drill

Whether it be ladders, hurdles, poles or whatever, usually the S&C will be telling then what to do

But sport doesn’t work like that

You don’t know what will happen from one minute to the next

You need to be working on external cues and reacting to them

Just like chasing the chicken

They definitely wont be telling you what way they will run, they will just be trying to avoid you

And you have to react to them

Have a play with things like kids games such as touch, bulldog etc, start to make agility training not only fun but actually functional

And if you need help the Inner Circle is always there with all the help you need

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Think differently


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