I’m one of the biggest proponents and advocates of Specific strength that’s played the game and now coaching in it.

I was bowling weighted balls in 1999, lifting weights pre game from 2000 and performing PAP work pre bowling in 2000.

I bowled using banded full body resistance pre 2001 lords final in front of the Lord’s pavilion!!!

If it’s not specific then it’s just not going to transfer.

It really is that simple.

However this is really important.

I was strong enough to allow the transfer to happen, I had a high training age and I knew what, when and how to use methods.

I become a student of human performance when I played. I owed myself that!! Best coach you’ll ever have is you!


A. Relative strength levels need to be adequate (not world class). But aim to get stronger at the same time as introducing SDE but don’t wait too long before introducing specificity and variability into the programme

B. Volume of Specific strength exercises is inversely proportional to bowling itself. As one goes up the other goes down etc

Specific work is essential when the complete skill is not being performed.

It’s not to be performed in high volumes together.

It’s instead of! If you can bowl then nothing you do in the gym will replicate it so BOWL.

If you can’t bowl or need to strength the key muscles around a flaw in the bowling action then GET SPECIFIC. Skill stability paradigm

Here I am playing with some specific Strength delivery focused exercises.

A. Eccentric reverse chaining using the shoulder sphere

B1. desmotec supine pullover

Contrast with

B2. Max intent hip shoulder constraint weighted ball bowling

C1. concentric focus bowling


C2. Keiser fitness push pull bowling

This session was performed after med ball work and jumps and prior to incline press, snatch pull and chins.

Specific strength work is the top of the pyramid.

The bigger the base the higher the tip.

So never neglect general strength but don’t be dictated by the lifts and chase numbers.

Ultimately it’s the “fun” and Specific work makes you bowl faster

Assess don’t guess


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