Pacelab programme for fast bowlers follows the core principles of the best sprints coach of all time IMHO, Charlie Francis.

One of the first principles I introduced to my Pacelab system is to limit the work to two ends of the spectrum.

Either flat out max intent work or oxidative training, Including tempo bowling “Train fast or slow, NOTHING in between.

Charlie Francis athletes train greater than 90% max speed/intensity 35% of the time and less than 75% max speed/intensity 65% of the time.

They never train in the 75-90% zone.

Medium intensity training interferes with and distracts from high intensity training.

The work at less than 75% intensity/speed is “chicken soup work”.

Tempo runs (and some pool work) are ideal but as long as it’s not stupid it doesn’t matter too much”

The work in between just simply serves to fatigue the bowler for limited benefits.

Catapult sports GPS data in the Ipl t20 with Rajasthan Royals clearly identified that majority of the work by fast bowlers is below 20kph or 5m/s.

Basically slow oxidative running/jogging/walking. Bowling itself is about top speed or 25-30kph /7-8ms.

There is very little work performed in a game of cricket in the “middle band”, so I DON’T TRAIN IT.

It really is that simple. It’s not about making fast bowlers tired and “working hard”.

It’s about improving performance and top end speed. Increasing the speed reverse so a fast bowlers “cruising” speed is also higher.

Don’t judge the quality of a programme by how tired or sore you are at the end!!

If you want to come to any of my pacelab seminars then click the link below

Assess don’t guess


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